Conflict Resolution – Individual Protective Factors

This tool measures two conflict resolution skills: self-control and cooperation (6 items each).


Administration Method
Number of Questions
Creator(s) of Tool
Phillips J, Springer F. Extended National Youth
Sports Program 1991-1992 evaluation highlights,
part two: Individual Protective Factors Index (IPFI)
and risk assessment study. Report prepared for the
National Collegiate Athletic Association.
Sacramento, CA: EMT Associates, 1992.
Scoring / Benchmarking
The items listed under Self-Control are scored as follows:

Yes! = 1
yes = 2
no = 3
NO! = 4

The Cooperation items are reverse coded. To score, point values for all 12 items are added. Blank items are excluded, with the score adjusted for the number of items completed when two or few items are blank.

The maximum obtainable score of 48 indicates a high level of conflict resolution skills. A minimum score of 12 indicates a low level.
Background / Quality
Internal consistency .65 and .65 (Gabriel, 1994)
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