Youth Adult Engagement Readiness Assessment

The is a self-assessment tool for organizations to help them determine the extent to which they already engage youth in their programs, their strengths in engaging the youth, and their challenges in engaging them more.  It helps programs reflect on why they want to engage youth, how they might do it differently, and provides a structure for prioritizing actions to improve youth engagement.

The tool should be used in four stages.  First, the person in charge of the organization or the person spear-heading the initiative to engage more youth should answer the questions on page 2.  These questions will help that person reflect on some over-arching issues the organization will need to address.

Second, the same person who filled out page 2, should fill out pages 3 through 7 – the portion that says “My Insights.” These pages lead the self-assessor through definitions, organizational structure, organizational processes, and organizational dynamics.

Third, the person who filled out “My Insights” should reflect on those answers and invite others to join in the conversation.  These others are likely to be other organizational leaders and organizational stakeholders.  The self-assessment leader will guide the others through questions on pages 3 through 7.

Finally, the group will examine what they have said, and determine priorities for addressing the issues identified by rank-ordering the priorities using the “Our Insights” column provided on pages 3 through 7.

This self-assessment tool is most appropriate for an organization that is already operating, rather than one that is just starting up.  Organizations may want to engage in this type of exercise once per year to reflect on their previous year’s priorities and determine whether they have improved, and to set new priorities for improvement.


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NA – This is a qualitative tool.
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The tool has not been officially tested, but it has face validity indicating that it measures what it purports to measure.
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