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Workforce Development programs offer services that help participants prepare for, obtain and maintain employment. Most programs include components to help participants develop the skills they need to do a successful job search and some programs also offer access to specific occupational skills training. The most effective workforce development programs also have strong relationships with employers, do a good job of matching participant skills and interests with employer needs, and link participants to resources that can help them address personal obstacles to long-term employment.

This section is currently designed for workforce development programs that focus on serving adults or young adults who are out of school and unemployed or under-employed.  It describes outcomes related to employment and employment-related skills gains, but does not address education or academic outcomes.

This inventory will help staff determine if they are creating a program environment that reflects the expectations and norms of a real workplace.

This form will help you track information about participants’ job placement, retention and advancement. Items include contact information for employers, job descriptions, wage information, and other factors that will allow staff to assess placement qualit ...

This assessment allows staff to evaluate participants’ work behaviors and skills in a range of areas. Ratings in each skill area are totaled into an overall score that, with the help of a guide, staff can determine if employees are truly ready for the wor ...

This checklist will allow you to assess whether or not participants are ready/prepared to begin their job search.

This assessment allows practitioners to track participant barriers, referrals and resolutions.

The employer engagement model demonstrates pathways through which organizations can build and strengthen their relationships with employers through various levels of engagement. The tracking system allows organizations to track how well they are implement ...

The survey is designed to elicit feedback from employers about participant performance. Staff members will be able to record answers to identify participants’ strengths and weaknesses.

The enrollment criteria checklist helps you determine whether potential participants are a good fit for your program.

This form will help you track participant dismissal from placement. The form asks specifically about reasons for dismissal.

IndicatorsJob Retention

These questions can be incorporated into a larger participant satisfaction survey to gauge participant perceptions about the quality of the relationships that your program builds.

Please note that this tool is proprietary and may only be obtained by contacting the creators of the tool below. PerformWell cannot make this tool available in ETO. The Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) is a standardized test designed by McGraw Hill t ...