To What Extent Is the Program Teaching Skills to Avoid Drug and Alcohol Use?

Approaches that teach youth to say ‘no’ to substances by teaching refusal skills through role play and verbal practice have been found to be very effective (Botvin & Griffin, 2003; Cuijpers, 2003; Greenberg, 2003; Tobler et al., 2000; Winters, 2007). Effective drug prevention programs also teach skills related to problem solving, decision making, negotiation, and improved communication (Tobler et al., 2000; Winters, 2007).

To find examples of an implementation assessment tools that have been developed for an evidence-based drug abuse prevention program, go to the EPISCenter web site: If you are not implementing this evidence-based program with an existing assessment tool, you can use these tools as models when developing your own assessment tool. However, a note of caution is needed to warn that developing tools without a strong background in survey design and measurement is not recommended. If you do develop your own tool, it will need to be refined over time, and, ideally, reviewed by an external research firm to validate its reliability and validity.

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